TryAround App Ltd - General Terms and conditions

User Terms and conditions

For support contact:

* Any app you download or use from TryAround App Ltd is a unique product on its own. All apps are developed and maintained by TryAround App Ltd. Medical apps are developed in association with Allergy Display Ltd where applicable.

* Purpose and nature of the app and its functionality can be seen in the app description page or on the about app view screen inside the app. Some apps can include introduction guide to explain you its features and functionalities. If you are not sure about apps feature or functionality, you can contact support email mentioned above.

* Your use of the apps is at your own risk.

* Neither TryAround App Ltd nor Allergy Display Ltd provides any warranties or guarantees to any of the apps functionality or features. The use of the apps are at your own risk for any issues, problems or concerns directly or indirectly arising out of using our apps.

* Always remember to get proper medical or professional assistance if you are using health and fitness or medical apps and the apps are in no way a replacement or supplement to any of your medical or fitness conditions. Usage of the apps does not replace or suplement you from seeking proper professional assistance. Our Apps does not offer medical advice, diagnosis or treatments.

* If you have subscribed to us in website or by any other means, we will use your information to communicate with you regarding products or services. We may contact you by app notifications or by email or sms for these purposes.

* If app requests Location information, its is provided by your phone/ios internal GPS frameworks and sometimes internet connection is required to get a meaninful readable address. In case of descrepancies or incorrect location reporting, the app will not be held responsible. Always check all the settings including location and other features inside the app before using it. The location information is just an approximate indication of where you are.

* You are not allowed to use the app without purchasing it from the apple app store unless if its a free to use app. Any other app version downloaded is illegal and is strictly not allowed. Apps may include additional features, one off purchases, in-app purchases(consumable and/or non-consumable products) and/or monthly/yearly subscriptions.

* If apps use MET values, the Metabolic Equivalent values are research values provided by the Adult Compendium of Physical Activities Research Group with institutions like Arizona State University, Healthy Lifestyles Research Center, School of Nutrition and Health Promotion. Any changes or suggestions, you are expected to contact the support team.

* If you use your own activity MET values, you are responsible for the outcome of calorie calculation and results.

* Any weight loss or calorie tracking or other health data reporting, planning or tracking with MET values or usage of tryAround's own estimator and tools must be done at your own risk. You are always required to get professional assistance from fitness professionals and doctors. You are solely responsible for reliance on calorie calculation and results from the app. Any use of the MET values or tools inside the apps must be done at your own risk.

* No refunds will be offered on any fee or payments in any situation.

* You must refrain from posting adult, illegal, defamatory or illicit contents in the app.

* TryAround App Ltd will not be liable for any damages or loss or any conflict or any issues arising as a result of using the app or service or website.

If any of the apps from TryAround App Ltd require subscription or one time fees through in-app purchase, it works fully after your full payment. Some apps can offer restore feature where you can purchase features or upgrade on one device and free to use them on other devices that you own. However there is no guarantee to data transfers or data persistence between devices. All subscriptions and in-app purchase will be charged to your iTunes account after your confirmation of purchase.

Monthly subscriptions automatically renew each month, and yearly subscriptions automatically renew each year. Subscription renewal is charged through your iTunes account. Subscriptions renew automatically every month or every full year unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period.

You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings. For your convenience, some of our apps provide a link to your subscription management page in the app's about view. Cancellation of the currently active subscription is not allowed.

About Health Data
On supported devices, tryAround reads your Apple Health data with your permission to determine completion of your workouts and activities. Height and weight details maintained in tryAround will automatically be updated in Apple Health. All data is accessed in full accordance with the iOS app review rules set by Apple. We do not share your health data with anyone and all your data resides only in your own iPhone. If you decide to share your steps and other data from the app directly, you must take care of your own privacy. Step and distance data is only available automatically when using an iPhone 5S or newer, or using an accessory that writes to the Health app such as Apple Watch.

Retention of Financial Data
We do not store or intend to store any financial details (credit or debit card numbers) on our system.

In TryAround App Ltd will not be liable to you for any loss caused by our app or service, customer complaints, any failure of our server, Internet problems, the crashing of our web site or app or any similar reason where such failure is occasioned by any cause beyond's reasonable control, including war, insurrection, fire, flood, earthquake, strikes, lock-outs, or similar cause. TryAround App Ltd will not be held liable for any loss or damage or problems or incidents or conflicts arising in any situation.

Copyright and Reproduction
Unless otherwise stated, all of the contents of this app and website are copyright of and TryAround App Ltd. No part or parts of this app and website or its content including any trade mark and logos or other materials may be copied or incorporated into any other website, database, publication or other work in any form whatsoever.

Your use of the TryAround App Ltd and website and service and any dispute arising out of such use of the app and website is subject to the laws of England, Scotland and Wales.